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I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for a good book to read. Currently, I’m working on my own fantasy series and have been enjoying reading short stories by other authors in an effort to see what they are doing right or wrong. One of the authors that has caught my eye recently is Chris Colfer, who has written several books including A Tale of Magic. This book follows a young girl named Anna who moves away from her family home after her mother dies. The move leads her into a world of witches and magic schools where she meets several new friends and learns some surprising things about herself along the way.


In the first few pages of TALES OF MAGIC, we meet Carlos Fuentes, a young boy who has been told that he is a witch. He is sent to a magic school where he meets his love interest and nemesis. At this magical school, Carlos learns how to control his powers and how to use them in order to save people from danger.

The main character in this book is called Carlos Fuentes because his name means “the prince”. He lives with his family (his parents) in Mexico City where there are many gangs fighting each other every day so it’s always tense around here! They live near one of these gangs but their house isn’t right next door like most people’s houses would be; instead they live across town – which means they have more space available if something happened while walking home from school at night time because there aren’t many lights on streets anymore due too lack electricity supply…


Themes in the book include:

  • Family. The characters in this story all have loving families, who support and love them no matter what.
  • Friendship. Chris Colfer writes about being friends with people who are different from you, and that you should be willing to accept those differences even if they make you uncomfortable at first.
  • Self-beliefs and confidence in yourself as an individual person (and not just as part of a group). This theme is important because it shows how important it is for young readers to believe in themselves, since they may feel like nobody else does!


The story is about a girl named Zanna who is from a family of witches. She’s sent to the magic school to learn how to use her powers. The book also includes other characters, including her mother and grandfather. They both have different ideas about what being a witch means, but they agree that it’s important for Zanna to attend this school so that she can learn all there is about magic!

The novel begins with the main character having some trouble at home with her mother because she doesn’t like it when anyone else uses their powers besides herself or her father (who taught them all). But when Zanna goes off on her own adventures at school and learns how important it is for everyone there—even if they don’t know much yet—she realizes just how lucky she really was when given this opportunity instead of staying home with nothing happening except watching TV shows all day long!

Fantasy, witches, magic schools? This book has it all.

This book is about three best friends: Becca, who is the most popular girl in school; Nora, a free-spirited artist; and Finn, who’s just trying to find himself. They have been inseparable since kindergarten, but when Nora suddenly disappears without a trace—and with their secret magic school diploma in hand—the three realize that there may be more to their friendship than meets the eye.

As the story unfolds over the course of several years (or maybe just moments), we learn that these three young women are actually witches who must protect each other at all costs. Their first task is finding Nora before she falls under the control of Malachai Price played by James McAvoy (who also stars as Xavier in X-Men).


If you’re looking for a book with magic, witches and strong female characters, then this is the perfect book for you. It follows the life of Alex Price as she enters her new school and discovers her magical powers. The story is told in first person narrative which makes it very easy to get into as an adult reader but also allows us insight into Alex’s head when she was younger – making it another interesting element of this book!



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