Into the Forest by Jean Hegland Book Review

Into the Forest is a book that tells the story of two young women who are forced to survive after society collapses. The novel was written by Jean Hegland and published in 1976. It is set in an alternate history version of New York City where there has been an outbreak of disease that kills off most of the population within a few months, leaving only those with natural immunity left behind to fight over resources like food and water as well as stave off other threats like crime gangs or terrorist groups who may want to take advantage of this situation.

Into the Forest by Jean Hegland is a searing novel about two sisters who live through a crisis that threatens civilization.

Into the Forest by Jean Hegland is a searing novel about two sisters who live through a crisis that threatens civilization.

The story follows Margaret and Nell, who are the only survivors of their family after an unspecified catastrophe kills everyone else. The sisters must learn how to survive in the wilderness, hunt for food and gather water for themselves—all while trying not to starve or die from thirst.

The novel explores themes such as loss and grief; survivalism; gender roles; human nature; familial bonds; human evolution (or devolution) over time…and even bears!

Into the Forest Handout

Into the Forest is a book that explores the importance of family, friendship and hope. The book starts with two sisters who must survive after the world is ravaged by a pandemic. This pandemic forces them to leave their home and journey into the forest where they encounter many dangers along their journey.

The author does an amazing job at creating characters that you can relate to or at least become invested in. You will be rooting for these characters as much as you wish for them to succeed in their goal of survival! I would recommend this book for anyone who enjoys realistic fiction or those who want something different than what’s currently being published on bookstore shelves today.”

Into the Forest Cover Art

The cover art for Into the Forest is a black and white image of two women standing in the forest. The image is meant to represent both the setting and characters, who are also women.

The two figures in the book are called Siobhan (who narrates) and Sara (who doesn’t). They’re both at different stages in their lives: Siobhan has just lost her mother; Sara has just lost her husband. But they have similar problems: they feel lonely without their loved ones nearby, but they don’t know where to turn or what else there is out there that could help them feel better again. So when they meet each other by chance on an island off the coast of North Carolina during summer vacation from school, it feels like something miraculous might happen—and it does!

The Background of Into the Forest by Jean Hegland

Born in 1954, Jean Hegland is a graduate of the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. She has written two other novels, The Last Child and The Road to Paradise. Her work has been translated into many languages and she lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband and children.

In Into the Forest you follow five teenagers as they make their way into the woods on a camping trip that turns out to be much more than they bargained for when they find themselves trapped inside an abandoned mine shaft by an unknown force that is slowly killing them off one by one

What Happens in the Story of Into the Forest?

Into the Forest is a story about two sisters and their father who live in a remote cabin in the woods. After their mother dies, they are left alone for a few years until they can get back on their feet. They have to learn how to hunt, grow food, defend themselves against wild animals and other threats that might come knocking on their door.

Themes in Into the Forest by Jean Hegland

Into the Forest by Jean Hegland is a book about family, survival, and hope. Themes of nature vs. civilization and relationships between women and men are also themes in this novel.

In this story we see how one woman struggles to find her place within her family after being separated from them for many years while they were all living in captivity during World War II. She tries to reconnect with them but finds out that some things have changed since she left home years ago while others haven’t changed at all (such as her father).

The main character’s father is very protective over his daughter even though he doesn’t know what happened during those years because he doesn’t want anyone else getting hurt because of her past mistakes or secrets she kept hidden away inside herself until now when finally coming back into contact again with other people who might be able help keep watch over each other better than anyone else could do alone anymore.”

Symbols and Motifs in Into the Forest by Jean Hegland

Symbols and motifs are used to enhance the meaning of a story. These objects and patterns of action or behavior can be repeated throughout a work, helping to make it more accessible to readers. For example, in Into the Forest by Jean Hegland:

  • The wolf becomes a symbol for evil as well as an animal with which children play at night by flashlight under the bed covers.
  • There is also symbolism related to firewood being cut from trees (a metaphor for death).

Character Analysis in Into the Forest by Jean Hegland

The two sisters are the main characters in Into the Forest. They are also the only characters in this book, so it’s important to understand who they are and what makes them unique from one another.

Nell is the older sister, which means that Eva is younger than her by almost a decade (she was born in 1899). Despite their differences, both girls share similar personalities: they’re both kind and loving towards each other; however, Nell tends to be more outspoken with her opinions than Eva does.

Read this book to learn how two young women survive civilizational collapse.

Into the Forest is an engaging read for anyone who loves a good survival story. It’s about two sisters who find themselves in an unfamiliar world with no modern conveniences and must learn how to survive on their own.

The book begins with these two young women living in Wisconsin, where they have been raised by their grandparents since they were babies. Their mother has recently died and their father has remarried; therefore, they don’t live with him anymore either. The girls’ grandmother tells them that she doesn’t want them leaving at all because she thinks it’s best not to go into town or even leave the house without her seeing you first – which can be difficult if you’re trying not only stay hidden but also keep track of time as well! So instead of going anywhere else right away (which would break this rule), they decide instead just stay inside while waiting until someone comes by looking after them again…


The story of Into the Forest is one of survival and resilience. It’s also an example of how women can be both survivors and agents of change. It’s an amazing book that will keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish!



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