The Life of Mary Poppins P.L. Travers, Author of the Fantastical Story

P.L. Travers was a writer who lived in England during the 20th century. She was born in 1890, and she died in 1964 at the age of 82. She wrote many novels and plays that dealt with issues such as racism and war, but she is most famous for her children’s book Mary Poppins, which was first published in 1934 by Arthur Mee Ltd.

The book was first published in 1934.

The book was first published in 1934. Originally, it was called Mary Poppins, but later it was renamed to Mary Poppins Comes Back and then again to Mary Poppins Opens the Door. Finally, Travers decided to go with her original title of “Mary Poppins” for the most recent edition of this beloved classic.

She didn’t see the movie for decades. She hated it and tried to get it taken off shelves.

When the film came out, Travers was angry and tried to get it taken off shelves. She said she called Disney and told them that they shouldn’t use her work as inspiration for their movie, but they didn’t listen to her. She also said she felt the casting was wrong: “It wasn’t Mary Poppins at all.”

Travers didn’t like how some of the songs were written for the movie (particularly “Ginger” which has been covered by many artists), or how dancing was incorporated into it—the actress who played Jane Banks in it had never danced before! In fact, Travers thought there were too many songs in this version of Mary Poppins that sounded like nonsense when combined together with others; she wrote down what each song should have sounded like instead so people would understand why these particular ones weren’t good choices for this adaptation.”

She wrote the book as a way to exorcise her demons, dealing with her childhood and her family.

Mary Poppins is a very personal story for P.L. Travers, who was born in India and grew up on the other side of the world from Australia. She wrote the book as a way to exorcise her demons, dealing with her childhood and her family.

She said that she wanted to write something that would be successful so she could get away from her father who was an alcoholic who would drink until he passed out every night after work; this caused him to lose his job at a bank because he couldn’t remember what happened during his shift (he also had problems remembering how much money he owed).

P.L. Travers never had children of her own.

P.L. Travers was a single woman, who never married and did not want to be a mother. She wrote the books after her father died when she was still young, but because he was so strict with her in general and disapproved of what she wanted to write about (especially the characters), he had no time for her creative endeavors until his death.

She didn’t want to sell the rights to Disney, but she did anyway.

P.L. Travers was very protective of the character she created, and she didn’t want to sell the rights to Disney. However, she did anyway because it was a lucrative deal for her. She was concerned that her work would be changed or taken out of context as part of this new movie that would become one of the most popular films ever made (and also one of my favorites).

Her father was a drunken banker who died when she was young, leaving her family impoverished.

Her father was a banker and died when she was young, leaving the family impoverished. Travers moved to Australia with her mother and eventually got a job as a governess. She then went on to publish eight books of children’s stories, including The Magician’s Nephew (1908) and A House in the suburbs (1911), which became immensely popular among British readers during World War I.

Mary Poppins is not just one character but many characters that she plays throughout the course of her life.

Mary Poppins is not just one character but many characters that she plays throughout the course of her life. She is a mother, daughter and sister to Jane Banks, who was born with Down Syndrome—a condition that makes it difficult for Jane to move around or do anything on her own.

Mary Poppins also teaches at an orphanage where she helps raise orphans such as Georgie Porgie (her main character). When she was younger, Mary Poppins had dreams of being an artist/writer like Emily Dickinson or Charlotte Bronte; however, due to financial reasons it wasn’t possible for her parents to afford college tuition so instead they chose medicine over art class!

You can see why this fairy tale author chose medicine as her profession since she really loves helping people live healthy lives through various forms such as food chemistry and nutrition studies which is why most people know them under their name Dr Travers even though there aren’t any degrees between them yet!


The book is a bit of a genius, and its author was not only an author but also a painter, illustrator and even an actress. Her career as an actor lasted less than a year before she decided that her talents were better suited towards writing books. She has been called the “author’s author,” because it was her voice that readers knew so well when they read any of her books.She was also a critic who wrote about other authors’ work as well as hers own (which was unusual in those days).



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