The Stephen King Revival: Marketing Books for the Modern Reader

In 1965, author Stephen King began his writing career by submitting a novel called “Carrie” to Doubleday. It was rejected—twice—before finally getting picked up and published in 1973. The book went on to sell more than 1 million copies, launching King into stardom as one of the most prolific horror writers in modern history. In honor of his 70th birthday this year, we’re looking back at how he got here: from his early days as a struggling writer to becoming one of the most highly regarded authors alive today.

‘Doctor Sleep,’ Stephen King’s Sequel to ‘The Shining’

When it comes to Stephen King, one of the most prolific and popular authors of our time, it’s hard not to be excited about his new books. And while King has been publishing novels since 1974 and has published over 70 in total, he still manages to keep us hooked with each new story.

But what makes him so successful? It’s probably because he writes about things that are relevant today and delivers characters who feel like real people—something very few authors can achieve when writing horror fiction and fantasy stories. So far in 2018 alone there have been six new releases by King; here are my favorites:

  • Doctor Sleep by Stephen King – A sequel to The Shining (1977) released on September 24th this year; after 40 years since its initial publication! This novel follows Danny Torrance as an adult struggling with alcoholism as well as seeing ghosts around him everywhere he goes due to his mother’s death during childbirth years ago at The Overlook Hotel where they lived while she was pregnant with him…

‘Under the Dome’

The story begins with a small-town schoolteacher named Dale “Barbie” Barbara, who is trapped inside the town of Chester’s Mill after an invisible force field suddenly appears above it. The townspeople are cut off from the rest of the world, unable to leave or to communicate with anyone outside the dome. While some people accept their fate and try to make the best of their circumstances, others become increasingly violent and desperate as they struggle for control.

The book was picked up by Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks Pictures in 2008, but was not made due to a number of reasons: Firstly, King was concerned about a potential film adaptation being made without his input; Secondly, many studios were hesitant about financing such an expensive project due to its extensive special effects requirements; Finally – perhaps most importantly – although ‘Under the Dome’ had sold well upon its initial release (selling over 1 million copies), it wasn’t considered one of King’s more popular works at the time and so there was less interest in adapting his novels into films or TV series than there might have been otherwise.

Stephen King’s ‘The Shining’ has a sequel. It’s not written by Stephen King.

The sequel to Stephen King’s classic horror novel ‘The Shining’ is finally here, and it’s not written by the man himself.

Doctor Sleep, which was officially released on Tuesday, is a sequel that follows Danny Torrance as an adult struggling with PTSD after his childhood spent struggling with his father’s psychotic behavior. The novel picks up right where ‘The Shining’ left off and follows the young man into adulthood as he continues to fight his demons—both literally and figuratively.

The book was written by author Owen King under the pseudonym of Joe Hill (the name of Stephen King’s son). It was originally published in 2013 as part of an anthology called 20 Under 40: Rising Stars of Supernatural Fiction. The book itself did not receive much attention until late last year when it was announced that Owen King would be adapting his own work into a screenplay for Warner Bros., who optioned both ‘Doctor Sleep’ and ‘Sleeping Beauties.’

“You can’t write a book that’s only going to appeal to 15- and 16-year-olds,” he said of his young audience. “You just can’t do it. You have to appeal to everybody that’s ever been 15 or 16.”

In a recent interview, Stephen King said that “you can’t write a book that’s only going to appeal to 15- and 16-year-olds,” he said of his young audience. “You just can’t do it. You have to appeal to everybody that’s ever been 15 or 16.”

King is the most popular author of all time for good reason: his books are accessible, beautifully written and wonderfully paced. They are an ideal example of how you can enjoy literature even if you aren’t particularly interested in reading long texts. But what makes him so appealing? The answer might be simpler than you think: he has a knack for storytelling and knows how to keep readers engaged despite the fact that he often writes about dark subject matter (such as death).

In short, King knows what he’s doing when it comes time for publishing new novels every year or so!

“Stephen King is having a moment lately.”

If you’re not familiar with his work, Stephen King is an American horror writer known for his novels and short stories. His work has been adapted into movies, TV series and Broadway plays, which has greatly helped to keep his name in the public eye. The popularity of King’s writing was at its peak in the 1980s but it has stayed strong ever since then. If you look around today, you’ll find many people who are reading Stephen King titles—and they aren’t just teenagers! It’s safe to say that King’s books are enjoyed by readers of all ages.

Stephen King’s writing style is distinctive because he often writes about small communities where strange things occur (e.g., The Shining). This makes sense since much of what we see today (such as social media) tends toward isolationism and self-absorption; it’s easy for us to forget about our neighbors when we’re glued to our phones or laptops all day long! So if you want something different from your usual reading routine but still enjoy being scared out of your mind every now and then…then check out some Stephen King titles!


I hope you enjoyed this post, and that it has helped you to understand the nuances of marketing a book. We all want our work to be seen by as many people as possible, but there are many different ways to go about it. I’ve tried my best here to give you some tips on how one can use these different avenues in order to reach their audience effectively and efficiently – whether they want their readership numbers climbing rapidly upward or not!



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