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The Shadows by Alex North is a story about a performer who gets entangled in a web of deception. The protagonist, Tarrant, has been the protege of an eccentric theater director (played by the great Edmund Gwenn) and is now responsible for staging his final performance. What began as an earnest attempt at honoring his mentor ends up becoming something sinister when Tarrant finds himself pitted against a woman who wants him dead—and not just because she’s got things to hide.

The Shadows by Alex North review

This book is about a young man who has to fight for his life in the shadow of his father’s death. It was a good book and I recommend it.


In the book, Alex North is a famous composer and pianist who also works as a detective. He has been solving murders for years and has developed an expertise in this field. He lives in New York City with his life partner Detective Parker, who helps him investigate crimes when they arise. Alex’s job often involves playing music at crime scenes so that he can figure out what happened with the case; however, sometimes he’ll need help from another musician or composer (or even just some time to think).


The characters in The World of a Performer are interesting and complex, with well-developed personalities. They are relatable, not stereotypical or shallow. And they have a voice—they speak for themselves and express their emotions on issues that matter to them as real people should be able to do.

The main character is Alex North (played by John Kerr), a young man who wants to become an actor but has no idea how hard it will be or what he needs to do in order achieve his dream job! He finds himself at the mercy of his agent (played by Khruschev) who tries everything possible to make sure Alex never makes it big in Hollywood; Khruschev’s tactics include lying about both himself and Alex’s career path so that people think he knows what he’s doing when really all he cares about is making money off other people’s struggles…

Writing style

The writing style of The World of a Performer is very simple and easy to read. It doesn’t overcomplicate things, nor does it get too flowery or simplistic. In fact, it’s not overly condescending either; the tone of this book is relaxed and pleasant.

This book follows Alex North as he travels around Europe meeting famous actors and actresses who have worked with him on stage or screen (or both). While you may not have heard of every name here—there are a lot!—you will definitely recognize some names from when you were growing up watching old movies like “The Ten Commandments” or reading comic books like “Superman”.

Personal opinion

I think this book has a lot of potential. It’s well-written and the characters are interesting, but there are some things that could have been better.

First of all, I thought that the ending was disappointing. I like how it ended, but it doesn’t really tie up everything nicely.

If you’re looking for a story that’s not your typical thriller, you’ll like The Shadows.

If you’re looking for a story that’s not your typical thriller, you’ll like The Shadows.

The book follows a performer named Robert Miller who was once the star of the theater troupe called The Shadows. He is now unable to escape his past as he decides whether or not he can handle being on stage again after years of being injured from performing in battle scenes. As he struggles with this decision, we get to see how much being an actor means to him and what it takes for him to become one again without losing his identity in doing so.



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